About «MariParis»

I am a globally minded person, I feel comfortable everywhere, because every country where I live inspires ideas… France captivates me by romance, America spurs extravagance, Italy conquers with a riot of colors … Every country has its own unique style.

How was the French brand MariParis created? It is a very personal story. A balmy breeze in the small town of Parnu on the Baltic Sea coast inspired the idea in 2017, and the pastel shades of Baltic landscape have forced the desire for creativity in eco-style. This is how the first collection of vintage bags appeared, where I used hand-crocheted lace napkins, each of which had its own personal story as well…

As for France, it inspired me to create a capsule collection of summer wear in the spirit of the favorite French saying “Love conquers all, force achieves nothing”. Love for life, wanderlust, discovery of new frontiers for yourself – this is the style and mode of life for MariParis. Enjoy yourself, plunge into my love and join in my story of things. MariParis will help to emphasize your individuality and to ensure your comfort.

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Collections of handbags made of cotton, leather in a single copy. Capsule collection of clothing

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Environmental friendliness

MariParis and Rosamunde prefer to use natural materials in their products.

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Personal character

At your request, we can personalize any of our items with your initials, text, a symbol or a logo.

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Made in France

The MariParis brand was born in France